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Agriconnect has helped me gain more knowledge in computer and internet literacy. I have always wanted to be a digital marketer, but because most of these online courses are expensive, I am not able to enrol. But because of Agriconnect courses like digital literacy, I am able to learn without any boundaries. I also didn't have laptop then but because of Agriconnect, I have one now. The only problem I have is about the progression status of the course. The course doesn't indicate your progression status.

AgriConnect Girls in ICT Day 2024 Webinar held under the theme “EmpowHering Leadership in the Digitalization of the Agriculture Sector”

On April 25, over 200 young women participated in AgriConnect’s webinar titled “EmpowHering Leadership in the Digitalization of the Agriculture Sector” - a Girls in ICT Day 2024 event.  These young women participated online via Zoom, while some of AgriConnect’s participating institutions hosted events in their lecture rooms, computer labs to allow their students to join the webinar as a group. 

The main objectives of the webinar were to allow young women who are participating in AgriConnect to:

Ayishatu Ameen Master of Philosophy in Agricultural Economics 6th year student - Level 600

Ayishatu is one of the master’s students who kept calling and advocating for the inclusion of post graduates’ students. After the inclusion of post graduate students, she immediately enrolled and made payments. That was not all. She made sure her female colleagues were in the know and helped them register and complete their setups also. She mentioned that most of the post graduate students either did not have laptops or had faulty ones which limited their research work. 

Vicentia Agyapong Konamah - Agribusiness First year student - Level 100

“Vicentia did not know about the programme until she came to the on-field team to make enquiries. After explaining what the programme was about, she was very excited and immediately called her mother to explain to her. Her mother asked to talk to me (Martin Kojotse) for more clarification and to ensure it was not a scam. Vicentia mentioned to me how she and her mother had been thinking and planning on getting a laptop for her for her academic work but was unable to because of how expensive they are on the market. Her mother could not send the money immediately.

Yakubu Alhassan Mohamed, Wenchi Agric College

My brother in UDS informed me that he has enrolled in the Agriconnect program and has received his laptop and mifi for data. In fact we did not believe this program will be real so when he got his laptop and mifi, we were both very excited. He is able to do his research and assignments easily on the laptop and has been telling me about the course content he has been going through. I am looking forward to enrolling here in Wenchi so my brother will not pass me in the learning! We will both benefit equally from the project.

Frank Asamoah, KNUST

The laptop has given me the opportunity to be able to do a lot of things in addition to my school work. I do web development and search engine optimalization as a side hustle when I am done with school work and the computer helps me a lot.

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AgriConnect Innovation and Difference

AgriConnect promises: 

  • That the technology deployed and the capacity built through the supplemental course content related to value chain development, digital literacy and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector will drive the impact, scale and interest of youth, women, and differently-abled persons in the agriculture sector, and importantly bridge the digital divide. 

  • To address the urgent need to reduce the extent of labour under-utilisation among youth. 

  • To place focus on education and training to enable youth in agriculture to benefit from new and emerging opportunities in agriculture. The knowledge products that are being designed and disseminated through the devices will be innovative, culturally relevant, and fully aligned with the needs of the labour market and importantly capture the interest and imagination of youth in Ghana. 

  • That the activities and outputs of the Programme will in the near future support the modernization of the agriculture sector by boosting productivity and supporting the development of agribusiness, thereby creating the linkages between farms and plots and other economic activities such as manufacturing and agro-processing. 

  • To be innovative in its approach as the Programme is designed to bring scale and impact by allowing youth, women and differently-abled persons to align their educational qualifications in agribusiness, digital skills and value chain development with dignified and meaningful jobs that will allow them to maximise the potential of their entrepreneurial spirits towards improved and sustainable livelihoods.