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Designed for students with a passion for agriculture and will offer a comprehensive and dynamic guide to navigate the intricate landscape of modern agribusiness. Tailored for aspiring agripreneurs 


  • This course is for agriculture students, graduates, as well as those venturing into the world of agripreneurship. 
  • It is designed for students that are intrigued by sustainable and innovative agricultural practices. 
  • The supplemental course content will serve as a versatile guide, nurturing a spectrum of interests and aspirations within the dynamic realm of agribusiness. 
  • The course will empower aspiring Agripreneurs with the holistic skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic agricultural landscape. 

Some benefits for you: 

  • Students who successfully complete this supplemental course in Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship will: 
    • Be equipped with new knowledge 
    • Have a foundational understanding of agribusiness principles 
    • Develop practical skills essential for agribusiness success 
    • Foster a positive attitude towards innovation, ethical practices, and sustainable business management
Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship Sections & Modules

AgriConnect Innovation and Difference

AgriConnect promises: 

  • That the technology deployed and the capacity built through the supplemental course content related to value chain development, digital literacy and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector will drive the impact, scale and interest of youth, women, and differently-abled persons in the agriculture sector, and importantly bridge the digital divide. 

  • To address the urgent need to reduce the extent of labour under-utilisation among youth. 

  • To place focus on education and training to enable youth in agriculture to benefit from new and emerging opportunities in agriculture. The knowledge products that are being designed and disseminated through the devices will be innovative, culturally relevant, and fully aligned with the needs of the labour market and importantly capture the interest and imagination of youth in Ghana. 

  • That the activities and outputs of the Programme will in the near future support the modernization of the agriculture sector by boosting productivity and supporting the development of agribusiness, thereby creating the linkages between farms and plots and other economic activities such as manufacturing and agro-processing. 

  • To be innovative in its approach as the Programme is designed to bring scale and impact by allowing youth, women and differently-abled persons to align their educational qualifications in agribusiness, digital skills and value chain development with dignified and meaningful jobs that will allow them to maximise the potential of their entrepreneurial spirits towards improved and sustainable livelihoods.